Reliable Commercial Plumbing Services throughout Sydney

Commercial Plumbing ServicesAll Line Plumbing offers reliable commercial plumbing services for restaurants, police, hotels, schools, hospitals, shopping centres, government buildings and other commercial entities. We comply and advise you regarding plumbing codes and various Council and Government requirements.

We offer a range of services for the construction phase of projects including hydraulic services relating to water, waste and gas services.

From the in-ground phase to the final installation of fittings and fixtures, All Line Plumbing has the expertise to complete your plumbing services for the project.

Backflow Prevention

A backflow prevention device is used to protect water supplies from contaminants and pollutants.

All properties connected to Sydney Water's supply must install a backflow prevention containment device appropriate to the property's hazard rating.

All Line Plumbing are accredited and registered backflow prevention plumbers in Sydney.

Backflow Test Reports and Maintenance

Each backflow prevention containment device must be tested on an annual basis. This is a condition of connection to the water supply. Annual testing is also required under AS/NZ:3500.

To ensure customer compliance with Sydney Water, after testing your backflow device, All Line Plumbing will provide you with a Certificate of Compliance and a copy of the Backflow Prevention Device Inspection and Maintenance Report and send the original to Sydney Water.

For more information, please visit the Sydney Water website: Sydney Water

Hot Water Plant Rooms, Pumps and Valves

Hot water plant rooms supply instantaneous hot water to apartments, hotels and office blocks through pressurised and gravity-fed, flow and return systems.

The most common are Raypak boilers with storage tanks, which are built and designed to provide high efficiency, flexibility and a long service life. Proper installation is required for tanks to withstand high water temperature and pressure and also protect against corrosion.

All Line Plumbing are experienced in the installation and maintenance of these storage tanks, pumps, valves and associated pipe work and can advise suitable solutions for your hot water plant room. We can accurately diagnose and repair problems such as the decrease in pressure and loss of hot water.

With a range of capacities and sizes available, we can meet your industrial and commercial requirements.

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