Natural & LP Gas

Natural and LPG Gas ServicesNatural Gas is distributed to your home or business through a network of underground pipes.

For homes and businesses that are not connected to the natural gas underground mains network, Liquefied Petroleum Gas, better known as LPG, is a cost effective alternative energy source.

Gas Pipes, Installations, Leaks and Repair

LP Gas is widely used for barbecues and camping and it is essential to take precautions when using all LP gas cylinders. Explosions and fires have occurred from accidently igniting the flammable gas mixture when LP gas cylinders have been carried or left in closed vehicles, such as vans or cars.

Undetected gas leaks can lead to serious damage including fire and explosions from faulty gas lines and in extreme cases causing fatalities. Gas lines are both complex and volatile and only a licenced and experienced gas fitter should install, locate and repair a problem.

Signs of a gas leak include:

  • Faint smell of gas (rotten egg smell).
  • A hissing sound.
  • Abnormally high gas bill.
  • Unexpected areas of dead grass, as gas kills plant matter.

All Line Plumbing are experts in the installation, repair and extension of gas lines in commercial buildings and residential homes.

We can replace, extend, relocate or fit new gas lines for fireplaces, ovens, gas meters, stoves and pipes, including repairs of existing lines. We can ensure that your home or business is safe and secure against the dangers of any inadvertent gas leaks.

Gas Hot Water Heater Repairs and Service

Ageing gas hot water heaters that have not been properly maintained have been responsible for serious injuries.

In particular, if you have a gas bath heater, flued instantaneous water heater or a flueless water heater it could be a source of danger. The easiest way to reduce the risk is to replace the heater with a new and safer energy efficient heater outside of the building.

It is recommended that you have your water heater serviced once a year by a licenced gas fitter to reduce the risk of damage and injury.

Electric to Gas Hot Water Conversions

As the cost of electricity is rising, so is the conversion from electric water heaters to gas water heaters. All Line Plumbing can install your Natural or LP Gas water heaters for your home or business so you can enjoy the immediate heat generated by gas for hot water, heating and cooking.

We can install hot water appliances, gas room heaters, gas barbecues, gas ovens and gas cook tops for Natural and LP Gas. Call All Line Plumbing today for your complete gas fitting needs.

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