Hot Water Heater Installations

Hot Water InstallationsAn inefficient hot water heater will not only cost you money it can also harm the environment.

All Line Plumbing offers a professional hot water heater installation from our trained, licensed and insured experts in hot water systems.

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Hot Water System Solutions

Your hot water heater can account for up to a quarter of your energy use. So it's important you select the most effective and energy-efficient hot water heater for your needs

Trust All Line Plumbing, Sydney's hot water heater experts to help you choose a hot water system to suit your domestic and commercial needs for the best price.

Electric or Gas Instantaneous Hot Water System (continuous flow)

A continuous flow hot water system has no tank and heats water instantly when you require it which allows for an endless supply of hot water. The instantaneous hot water system no longer needs to heat and reheat unused tank water - which saves you money. Water won't overheat and doesn't need to be diluted with cold water, saving energy and reducing the risk of burns.

Electric or Gas Storage Hot Water System

Storage systems work by heating water and storing it in a tank for use on demand.

We can supply and install the storage hot water systems, hot water tanks and hot water cylinders from all the leading manufacturers such as Rheem and Rinnai.

Solar Hot Water System

Solar water heaters use the sun's rays to heat your water. They basically consist of solar collector panels and a storage tank. Reduce your energy costs - let us help you find the perfect solar hot water system and then install it for you.

Heat Pumps

A heat pump hot water system uses electricity to move heat from one place to another instead of generating heat directly.

Save money on your hot water bills using a heat pump hot water system - they use approximately one third the energy of an electric water heater and a solar heat pump uses the same connections as an electric hot water system.

Replacing an electric hot water system

If you have an electric hot water system, you could replace it with:

  • a high-efficiency natural gas/LPG continuous flow or storage hot water system
  • a natural gas/LPG-boosted solar hot water system
  • an electric-boosted solar water heater

Replacing a gas hot water system

If you currently have a gas hot water system, you could replace it with:

  • a high-efficiency gas continuous flow or storage water heater
  • a gas-boosted solar hot water system

Trust All Line Plumbing to help you when choosing a suitable hot water system for your household or commercial needs.

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More Information

  • Click here to view common household hot water system running costs.
  • Gas water heaters have a gas energy rating label: the more stars on the label, the more efficient the heater.

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