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Leaking and Burst Pipes

Plumbing ServicesA leaking or burst pipe is a common Sydney plumbing problem and it's important to locate the source of the issue. Common signs for leaking and burst pipes include:

  • High water bills.
  • You can hear a dripping tap when it is quiet.
  • Toilet is constantly refilling.

Find Out More About Leaking and Burst Pipes

You may have a concealed leak if you check and record the water meter (when no-one is using water, usually overnight) and check the number again in the morning and it has changed.

A broken or cracked pipe can be relined to prevent further problems and in most cases can be done without disruption. If the pipe is not repaired it may eventually destroy your pipes completely and a costly replacement will be necessary.

All Line Plumbing will locate the damaged or leaking pipe and offer you a workable solution for repairing it.

More Information about Leaking and Burst Pipes:

Water Hammer

Water Hammer

Water hammer, also known as hydraulic shock, is a common plumbing problem and is usually caused by high pressure, loose pipes or faulty plumbing. Water hammer in the home usually occurs when a dishwasher, washing machine or toilet shuts off water flow. The result may be heard as a loud bang or repetitive banging/shuddering.

Water hammer can cause major problems, from noise and vibration to the breakage of pipes.

All Line Plumbing can locate and resolve your water hammer problems.

Bathroom Plumbing

Bathroom Plumbing

All Line Plumbing provides full bathroom renovations, installations and repairs for all your bathroom plumbing needs. We can supply you with the fixtures and professionally install toilets, showers, vanities, basins and taps, or you can provide your own.

We locate and stop water leaks from taps, toilets and showers, clear blocked showers or drains, repair broken toilets and showers and supply re-sealing services.

Kitchen Plumbing

Kitchen Plumbing

At All Line plumbing we are licensed gas fitters and offer expert and professional kitchen repairs and installations.

A kitchen plumbing renovation can be a complicated and drawn-out process. We will arrange work to be done at different stages from the initial disconnection of gas and water, move pipes and any other work required through to the re-connection and installation of your new kitchen.

Kitchen and Bathroom Plumbing

For experience and knowledge about all your kitchen and bathroom plumbing needs call All Line Plumbing today.

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Rainwater Tanks

Rainwater Tanks provide a valuable source of water for many households Australia wide. They help save our drinking water, decrease costs and also reduce the stormwater run-off.

Rainwater Tank Installation

Rainwater can be reused for:

  • Refilling pool water.
  • Washing vehicles.
  • Garden irrigation.
  • Cleaning of pavement and other outside surfaces.
  • Provide water to toilets and washing machines.

All Line Plumbing will find and install the rainwater tank that best suits your needs in line with Sydney Water and local Council guidelines.

All Line Plumbing can also install various accessories including water pressure pumps, pump covers, filter bags and backflow prevention devices.

On completion of the rainwater system installation, All Line Plumbing will book an audit inspection for work as required by NSW Office of Fair Trading.

Rainwater Tank Repair and Maintenance

Rainwater tanks are large, heavy and difficult to move when full and have the potential to cause harm if they aren't installed or maintained correctly.

During rainfall, dirt, leaves, insects and other pollutants may accumulate on the roof and get washed into the rainwater tank. This will cause the water to turn brown in colour and become host to harmful organisms. Un-maintained rainwater storage systems can also result in blockages causing back-up and overflowing water problems.

Signs of rainwater storage problems:

  • Smelly water
  • Discoloured water
  • Staining of laundry and internal plumbing fixtures

All Line Plumbing offers regular inspections and preventative maintenance including cleaning of the gutter, roof, tank and pipework which will generally prevent health and aesthetic problems with your rainwater supply.

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