We are your local, trusted and fully licensed Sydney Water and Hunter Water constructors for the construction of new sewer mains

A sewer main is defined as the primary pipeline in a sewage system.

There are usually 4 steps involved in the construction of new sewer mains.

  1. Determine the length and elevations and calculate the slope
    A Water Servicing Coordinator will design the new sewer pipe and determine the elevations, depth, length and slope calculations.
  2. Dig the trench and lay the bedding
    The trench is usually dug using an excavator and must be dug on an angle to allow liquids to flow through the pipe. A slope that is too steep will create clogs and a slope that is too shallow will not provide enough velocity for proper drainage.
  3. Install the pipe
    Sewer pipe is then installed one section at a time and the pipe that connects to the city main must be per the city's specifications.
  4. Backfill the trench
    After the sewer main has been installed and passes inspection, the trench is backfilled.
We are an accredited Sydney Water Listed Constructor

All Line Plumbing are Sydney Water and Hunter water accredited constructors which means you can be confident that we will connect your home or business to sewer mains with ease.

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Construction of New Sewer Main

Construction of New Sewer Main

Maintenance holes and inspections shafts may also be required to be built when constructing new sewer mains.

A maintenance hole (also known as a manhole) is a sealed chamber that provides access to humans to the sewer main. Generally, sewer manholes can be found in roads, footpaths, driveways, public spaces, and inside private properties.

Unlike a manhole, an inspection shaft is too small for a human to access but does allow for plumbing equipment to be used.

Manholes and inspection shafts must always be easily accessible as they are used to perform routine maintenance and for emergency purposes such as:

  • Inspections and testing of the sewer system
  • Cleaning and removal of any blockages
  • General operational inspections of the sewer pipes

What is a Service Protection Report?

A service protection report (also commonly known as a pegout) identifies and precisely locates Sydney Water assets (such as sewer and water mains) which may be in close proximity to the proposed development. Only Sydney Water accredited personnel like All Line Plumbing, can prepare these reports for you.

Are you building a swimming pool, a deck, a granny flat, excavating property or developing over or near a sewer main in Sydney?

The sewer infrastructure in and around Sydney are an asset owned by Sydney Water and it is their responsibility to ensure that these sewer pipes are protected against any kind of damage.

More: Service Protection Reports (Pegouts)

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