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Water Main Services

Water Services

All Line Plumbing specialise in the construction of new water mains, adjustments and upgrades to existing water mains, and property service connections (main to meters). We can assist with any privately owned or publicly owned water mains project that you may have arise and can cater from the initial tender and application stages to the excavation and pipelaying stages and finally to the restoration and certification of the project.

We practice safe handling and disinfection methods on all of our water projects to ensure that the newly installed water mains are clean and not contaminated, protecting the health of the public.

Water Infrastructure Works

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Sewer Drainage

Sewer Drainage

All Line Plumbing are experienced in a large variety of sewer projects including new sewer main construction, upgrades and deviations to existing sewer mains, concrete encasements of sewer mains, construction of sewer manholes and the installation of junctions or Property Connection Points (PCP) into existing sewer mains.

We pride ourselves on our high standard of safety for each and every project and use specialist equipment such as trench shoring, gas detection devices and safety harnesses with tripod and winch for confined spaces. With the use of this equipment and our expertise procedures we ensure that every project is delivered efficiently and without incident.

Sewer Infrastructure Works

Concrete Sewer Encasements

Encasing a pipe in concrete will provide strength to the existing assets and provides additional protection to the pipe from unexpected external load and movement, reducing the risk of damage and consequently the need for repairs.

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Service Protection Report (Sewer Pegouts)

Sewer Pegout

Usually as part of any new development, a prerequisite of the Section 73 Compliance Certificate process will require your plans to be assessed. You may also require a Sewer Pegout if you are obtaining a Building Plan Approval from Sydney Water.

A Service Protection Report, also known as a Sewer Pegout, enables the accurate plotting of Sydney Water assets onto your building plans which will then determine if your development area is within the Zone of Influence (ZOI) and if there would be any potential for damage or stress to these pipes during construction.

A Sewer Pegout is usually needed if you are:

  • building a swimming pool, deck, gazebo or carport.
  • building a granny flat.
  • excavating your property.
  • installing a driveway or large paved area.
  • developing or building over a water or sewer main.

Get your Sewer Pegout Report today!

Only an accredited Sydney Water listed provider like us, can prepare your Sewer Pegout Report. All Line Plumbing will ensure that your sewer pegout is done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Stormwater Drainage

Stormwater Drainage

All Line Plumbing have the experience and machinery to complete a vast array of stormwater drainage projects. Some of the projects we have completed are stormwater main and stormwater easement construction, upgrades and deviations to existing stormwater mains, construction of both in-situ and precast stormwater pits and the connection of new developments to the existing public stormwater drainage system.

Stormwater Infrastructure Works

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Fire Hydrant Services

Fire Hydrant Services

Fire hydrant systems are essential to many residential, commercial, and industrial developments to ensure property and personnel are protected in case of fire. We are often engaged by fire protection companies to assist with projects such as construction of new fire hydrant systems, fire hydrant system upgrades and alterations, construction of fire hydrant booster assemblies and the connection of fire hydrant and fire sprinkler systems to the town’s main (public owned potable water main).

Fire Service Works

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About All Line Plumbing

Civil and Infrastructure Contractors

All Line Plumbing Pty Ltd is a privately owned company that possesses key staff with over 20 years' experience in the industry. With a focus on client satisfaction, All Line Plumbing prides itself on providing quality, cost-effective and reliable services by continuously delivering projects within time and budget constraints.

Through our team of experienced tradespeople, we provide a vast amount of expertise services, with a focus on the construction of water, wastewater, and stormwater infrastructure. We specialise in the installation of hydraulic services for new construction projects as well as alterations to existing systems.

Our company quality processes have been third party certified to the ISO 9001 standard and our safety and environmental processes have been certified to the NSW Government’s guidelines for management systems. We develop an individual quality, safety and environmental plan for each project, taking into account the specific factors, to ensure each project operates to the highest standard.

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