Sewer sidelines and junction cut-ins for property connections will usually be required during a new development or when subdividing property

During the development process, sometimes a new connection to the sewer main is required to fulfill the new wastewater requirements. This is usually achieved by performing a sewer junction cut-in or constructing a sewer sideline.

A sewer junction cut-in provides a connection point for the consumer's sewer to discharge into the sewer main. A sewer sideline is a new section of pipe constructed off the sewer main which has been extended to service a property which is not located close to the sewer main, e.g. battle-axe block, or to service properties where multiple new connections are required, e.g. duplex/townhouse development.

New junctions and sewer sidelines will usually be required when subdividing or when adding a new connection to existing sewer mains. Generally, you will not be allowed to build over these sewer connection points (sewer junctions) as they must always remain easily accessible.

Sewer Sidelines and Junction Cut-ins for Property Connection

Sewer sideline ownership

Even though the sewer sideline is connected to the main sewer system, the property owner/s are responsible for the sewer line until it enters the sewer main. Problems in the sewerage system generally occur within these pipes, which will usually prevent the flow of sewage away from the property and it is recommended that these sewer sidelines are regularly maintained by an experienced plumber to avoid any sewerage problems and damage to the property.

Blockages must be diagnosed by a licensed plumber and the professional team at All Line Plumbing use the latest in technology such as CCTV cameras to help diagnose the location and extent of your sewer problems.

Sewer Sidelines and Junction Cut-ins for Property Connection

What is a Service Protection Report?

A service protection report (also commonly known as a pegout) identifies and precisely locates Sydney Water assets (such as sewer and water mains) which may be in close proximity to the proposed development. Only Sydney Water accredited personnel like All Line Plumbing, can prepare these reports for you.

Are you building a swimming pool, a deck, a granny flat, excavating property or developing over or near a sewer main in Sydney?

The sewer infrastructure in and around Sydney are an asset owned by Sydney Water and it is their responsibility to ensure that these sewer pipes are protected against any kind of damage.

More: Service Protection Reports (Pegouts)

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