What you need know as a Home Owner
when sub-diving, building pools and decks on your property,
building a granny flat or excavating your land.

If you're a home owner in Sydney looking to sub-divide, build pools and decks on your property, consider a granny flat, or excavate your land, there are several things you need to know related to plumbing and Sydney Water regulations.

Key points to keep in mind for home owners

By keeping the below considerations in mind and working closely with All Line Plumbing, Sydney Water and your local council, you can ensure that your construction project is safe and compliant with all regulations related to plumbing and water supply.

Sewer and Pipe Location

Before you start any excavation work on your property, it's important to locate any existing water and sewer pipes on your property to avoid damaging them. You will usually need a Sewer Pegout Report to locate and assess Sydney Water assets and their potential impact on your project.

All Line Plumbing are an accredited Sydney Water listed provider who offer independent sewer pegouts which means that we offer our Sewer Pegout Reports to all who require them.

We are also able to perform the Minor Works outlined in the Notice of Requirements from Sydney Water. Some of the typical Minor Works we complete are:

Plumbing and Drainage Approval

Any construction that involves plumbing and drainage systems, such as building a pool or a granny flat, requires plumbing and drainage approval from your local council and Sydney Water. This ensures that the construction meets the required standards and is safe for use.

Connection to Water and Sewer Systems

If you're building a granny flat or sub-dividing your property, you may need to connect to the existing water and sewer systems. This will require approval from Sydney Water, and you may need to pay fees and obtain permits.

All Line Plumbing are experts in connecting to Sydney Water assets and offer the following:

Stormwater Drainage

Any construction that involves changing the surface of your property, such as building a pool or a deck, may affect stormwater drainage. You need to ensure that stormwater is properly managed to avoid flooding or damage to neighbouring properties.

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How much does a Sewer Pegout Report cost?

All Line Plumbing are renowned for providing affordable, accurate, professional, and comprehensive Service Protection Reports – also known as Sewer Pegout Reports.

The cost of a Sewer Pegout Report varies with the price subject to key factors such as: location and access to the property, final review of building plans and current Sydney Water records.

By choosing All Line Plumbing as your Service Protection Report provider, you can rest assured that you'll receive personalised and professional services from a team of accredited and listed Sydney Water contractors. We're committed to providing the highest quality workmanship and exceptional customer service at competitive prices.

Contact All Line Plumbing today to schedule a Service Protection Report and see why we're the leading Sewer Pegout provider in Sydney.

You can also read more about All Line Plumbing's Sewer Pegout Reports here.

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Explaining Sydney Water Approvals

For most residents and homeowners in Sydney, planning to dig holes, plant trees, construct a driveway, build a pool, excavate your property or build a granny flat - will be a common occurrence that will require approval from Sydney Water prior to your project gaining approval from your local council.

For an approval from Sydney Water you will usually need to follow these steps:

  • Plan Submission:
    Submit your designs via Sydney Water Tap in. Most plans can be approved right away unless the works are over or close to any pipes or structures.
  • Sewer Pegout Report:
    If unapproved via Sydney Water Tapin, you will then need to obtain a Sewer Pegout Report by All Line Plumbing to find any water, sewer mains or stormwater services that may be affected.
  • Water Servicing Coordinator:
    A WSC will use this report and update and approve your plans to ensure they meet the Sydney Water guidelines.
  • Notice Of Requirements:
    This notice may be issued by Sydney Water and will require Minor Works to be completed, such as a sewer encasement, to protect their asset.
  • Approval:
    On Completion of Minor Works, Sydney Water will approve your project and you will then need to get approval from your local council.

Sydney Water Section 73s Sydney Water Building Plan Approvals

What is an accredited Sydney Water constructor?

Sydney Water Accredited Constructors are companies that have met the strict requirements and standards set by Sydney Water, which is the major supplier of water and wastewater services in Sydney, Australia.

All Line Plumbing is a Sydney Water Listed Contractor, which means we have been approved by Sydney Water to perform plumbing and drainage works on their behalf. This is important because Sydney Water is responsible for the management and maintenance of the water and wastewater systems in Sydney, and only approved contractors are allowed to work on their infrastructure.

By choosing a Sydney Water listed contractor like All Line Plumbing, you can be assured that we have the necessary skills, experience, and equipment to carry out the required works to the highest standard. This can help to ensure that the work is completed safely, efficiently, and in compliance with all relevant regulations and standards.

Additionally, using a Sydney Water listed contractor may be a requirement for certain types of plumbing and drainage works, particularly those involving Sydney Water's infrastructure. By choosing All Line Plumbing, you can be confident that you are working with a reputable and reliable contractor who has the necessary approvals and qualifications to perform the required works.

All Line Plumbing are a Sydney Water listed provider and accredited constructor for:

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