The construction of new fire hydrant systems is essential for fire protection. They save lives and property in the event of a fire outbreak.

A fire hydrant system is an essential safety measure within commercial, industrial, and public buildings throughout Australia and are designed to give fire fighters access to a continuous water supply to combat a fire.

The water supply for a fire hydrant system can be from an individual source or any combination of the following sources of water:

  • Town main
  • Reservoirs or tanks
  • Rivers, lakes, dams, bores, or seawater

Reasons to use All Line Plumbing for your next fire hydrant system installation

If you're a builder, developer or facilities manager with a building structure that needs a fire hydrant system installation, our industry experience ensures we possess comprehensive expertise in essential fire protection needs. Here are a few reasons to use All Line Plumbing:

Certified and Experienced Tradespersons

Each member of our team possesses the necessary accreditations that are essential for the safe and accurate execution of fire system installations.

Expertise and Specialisation

We possess specialised knowledge and experience in installing fire hydrant systems. Our expertise ensures that installations are completed efficiently and according to industry standards, minimizing the risk of errors or malfunctions.

Equipment and Resources

All Line Plumbing have access to specialised equipment and resources required for fire hydrant system installation. From trenching tools to pipe fittings, we have the necessary infrastructure to complete the job efficiently and effectively.

When seeking a plumbing contractor with expertise tailored to your fire system requirements, turn to All Line Plumbing. With our team of commercial plumbing specialists, you'll find the precise solutions you need without searching any further.

Contact All Line Plumbing today to schedule your next fire hydrant system installation!

Parts of a fire hydrant system

A fire hydrant system is an assembly of pipes, valves and other ancillaries that permits the fire brigade to access a controlled supply of water for fire fighting purposes. Some of the elements that make up a fire hydrant system are:

Fire Hydrant

A fire hydrtant is an assembly of pipes and valves connected to a water pipeline, which provides a water supply that may be used for the purpose of firefighting. Some different types of fire hydrants which may make up part of the larger fire hydrant system are;

  • Attack Fire Hydrant - A fire hydrant that is used for direct fire fighting purposes and may have it's water supply boosted to provide extra water pressure and flow.
  • Feed Fire Hydrant - A fire hydrant where water can be accessed to supply to the fire brigade's pumping device.
  • External Fire Hydrant - A fire hydrant that is located outside of a building.
  • Internal Fire Hydrant - A fire hydrant that is located inside of a building.
  • Street Fire Hydrant - A fire hydrant that is installed inground and off the authorities' water main. These hydrants are usually located outside of the property boundary, in the footpath, nature strip, or road.

Fire Hydrant Booster Assembly

A fire hydrant booster assembly is an assembly of pipes and valves which enables the fire brigade to pump extra water into the fire hydrant system.

Diesel or Electric Pump Set

Water pumping devices which provide more pressure and flow to the fire hydrant system where extra capacity is required for the means of fire fighting.

Storage Tanks

If the water supply from the mains water is insufficient, a water tank can be installed to utilize the stored water during a fire. A suction hose connection can then be used to draw water from the static water supply.

Construction of new fire hydrant systems

Qualified Fire Hydrant System Installations

All Line Plumbing are fully equipt to install fire hydrant systems within your building that are to be used by the local fire fighters or qualified personnel in the event of fire.

Contact us today to explore your fire system installation options.

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