A working and well-maintained fire hydrant system is essential for fire protection when it comes to protecting family, staff, customers, and property from fire.

Often, fire hydrant services on existing buildings become dated and require upgrade works to comply with current standards and regulations. The most common reasons fire hydrant upgrades are required include:

  • Council order to upgrade your fire hydrant system. This may be due to a random audit, DA submitted, or a fire safety complaint that council has received.
  • Non compliance identified in an Annual Fire Safety Audit.
  • Selling property and require a fire safety system compliant with current codes and regulations.
  • A change in regulations for the types of buildings and properties which require fire safety systems.

Fire hydrant system upgrades

Fire hydrant upgrades usually require extra work compared to new fire hydrant installations. This is due to the nature of the property being constructed and operational. Additional works required as part of a fire hydrant upgrade may include:

  • Coordination of works to minimise impact on operations of property.
  • Demolition of existing surfaces such as driveways and footpaths etc.
  • Working around existing services already installed and servicing the property.
  • Reinstatement of existing surfaces such as driveways and footpaths etc.

All Line Plumbing are equipt with the resources and equipment needed to successfully complete all the works required as part of your fire hydrant upgrade, while taking the right precautions to minimise the disruption to the operations of the property.

Do you require your fire hydrant system to be upgraded or altered?

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Fire hydrant system upgrades and alterations

Fire hydrant system upgrades and alterations

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