Sewer Pegouts will be required when obtaining a Building Plan Approval with Building Over Asset/Building Adjacent to Asset (BOA/BAA) from Sydney Water

When you are building, excavating, or landscaping over or near Sydney Water assets (sewer and water mains), Sydney Water will need to approve your plans to ensure your work won't damage or limit access to these assets.

You will need a Service Protection Report (Pegout) if you have been referred by Sydney Water Tap in as part of your Building Plan Approval (BPA) process.

See below for the usual process to obtain Building Over Sewer Approvals from Sydney Water:


Submit your building plans to Sydney Water via the Tap in website.

If you plans appear to have no impact to Sydney Water assets, approval can be given. Otherwise, a Water Servicing Coordinator (WSC) will be required.

Pegout Report

If your plans appear to impact Sydney Water assets, the WSC will usually order a Pegout Report.

This report is then sent to the architect and/or structural engineer for further assessment and adjustments.

Stamp Building Plans

Once the necessary adjustments have been made to the building plans, the WSC will stamp your plans subject to the asset protection requirements and re-submit to Sydney Water Tap in.

Construction of Requirements

The asset protection requirements will usually be a concrete encasement or the installation of a new junction point. These Minor Works will need to be carried out by a Sydney Water Listed Constructor.

Certificate and Approvals

The WSC will then review and issue a Minor Works Details and Project Completion Package to Sydney Water for final approval.

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Step 1: Assessment

The Sydney Water Tap in website allows for you to submit your building plans for assessment and approval from Sydney Water.

If your plans appear to have NO IMPACT to Sydney Water assets: Sydney Water will approve your plans.

If your plans appear to IMPACT Sydney Water assets: A Water Servicing Coordinator (WSC) will need to review your plans.

Step 2: Pegout Report

The WSC will usually order a Pegout Report from a Sydney Water Listed Provider like All Line Plumbing. An up to date Peg Out Report is a compulsory requirement from Sydney Water and is the first step in determining what assets will impact your Building Plan Approval (BPA).

What is a Pegout and why do I need one?

Step 3: Stamp Building Plans

Once the Pegout Report has been developed, it will provide important information to allow your WSC, architect and structural engineer to make any necessary adjustments to your plans ready for approval.

The WSC will review all plans to ensure Sydney Water compliance. The plans will then be stamped by the WSC and updated on the Sydney Water Tap in website. These updated plans will usually be subject to asset protection requirements.

Common works that might need to be completed include:

Step 4: Construction of Requirements

Once the new plans have been submitted to Sydney Water they should clearly show the requirements and process that will need to be followed to protect the Sydney Water assets.

A concrete encasement or the insertion of a property connection point (junction) will usually be required and must be constructed by a Sydney Water Accredited Constructor like All Line Plumbing.

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Step 5: Certificate & Approvals

Once all asset protection Minor Works have been completed, The WSC must provide certification of all asset protection requirements and will issue a Minor Works Details and Project Completion Package to Sydney Water for final approval.

Your Sydney Water Building Plan Approval with Building Over Asset/Building Adjacent to Asset (BOA/BAA) should now be issued, ready for you to begin construction.

Read more about Building Plan Approvals and Section 73 Certificates on the Sydney Water Website:

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