The construction of new fire hydrant booster assemblies is often required by law and must comply with strict Australian Standards. Upgrades may also be required when the fire system is no longer sufficient to supply the correct amount of water flow and pressure to meet the set requirements.

What is a fire hydrant booster?

A fire hydrant booster is an arrangement of pipes, valves and other specialised equipment that is then used as an attachment point by the local fire brigade personnel to add additional water capacity to the fire hydrant system in the event of a fire outbreak.

The most common position fire hydrant booster assemblies are located is at the boundary of the property, adjacent to the main vehicular entry. Booster assemblies must be installed in a clearly visible and accessible place and must comply with strict Australian Standards to meet the requirements for safe operation.

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Construction and upgrades of fire hydrant booster assemblies

Is a fire hydrant booster assembly required?

Not all fire hydrant systems require fire hydrant booster assemblies, although they are very common and an integral part of the modern fire hydrant system. There are several deciding factors which determine if your fire hydrant system requires the installation of a booster assembly. These deciding factors include, but are not limited to:

  • the number of fire hydrants installed
  • the type of fire hydrants installed (eg. internal or external of the building)
  • and whether any pumps or tanks are installed as part of the fire hydrant system.

How does a fire hydrant booster work?

During a fire, the local fire brigade may provide additional water and boost the water pressure to satisfy the demands of the fire hydrant system. This is usually carried out by connecting a fire truck between an alternate water supply and the booster connection.

Once the fire hydrant system has been boosted, additional water capacity may be utilised from the various fire hydrants located around the property.

Reasons to Choose All Line Plumbing for fire hydrant booster installations

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Expertise and Compliance

With extensive knowledge of local regulations and years of experience, All Line Plumbing ensures installations that meet compliance standards, guaranteeing safety and reliability.

Quality Workmanship

We employ fully qualified and skilled professionals and utilise high-quality materials, ensuring the longevity and effectiveness of fire hydrant booster assemblies.

Efficient Project Management

From initial consultation to post-installation support, All Line Plumbing offers comprehensive service packages, ensuring timely completion and peace of mind for clients.

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Construction and upgrades of fire hydrant booster assemblies

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