Experts in alterations, deviations, renewals and upgrades to sewer mains in Sydney and Hunter for new buildings and devlopments, property extensions and subdivisions

A sewer deviation or diversion may be required when a new development, building, property extension or subdivision conflict with an existing sewer main. All Line Plumbing are accredited Sydney Water listed providers and are qualified to divert existing sewer mains.

Generally, before any alterations or deviations can begin, design drawings will have to be issued by a suitably qualified designer and then approved by the owner of the sewer main that needs to be diverted.

Sewer design drawings are generally completed by a Sydney Water accredited Water Servicing Coordinator, Hunter Water accredited Designer or a suitably qualified hydraulic engineer, depending on which area the sewer main is located.

An upgrade to a sewer main may be required for old clay or cast iron pipes or if the pipe is broken or in a deteriorated state. Pipes will need to be replaced using PVC pipes by a suitably accredited constructor such as All Line Plumbing.




What is a Service Protection Report?

A service protection report (also commonly known as a pegout) identifies and precisely locates Sydney Water assets (such as sewer and water mains) which may be in close proximity to the proposed development. Only Sydney Water accredited personnel like All Line Plumbing, can prepare these reports for you.

Are you building a swimming pool, a deck, a granny flat, excavating property or developing over or near a sewer main in Sydney?

The sewer infrastructure in and around Sydney are an asset owned by Sydney Water and it is their responsibility to ensure that these sewer pipes are protected against any kind of damage.

More: Service Protection Reports (Pegouts)

We offer expert sewer infrastructure works Sydney and Hunter wide

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