All Line Plumbing are accredited in the installation and construction of in-situ and precast grated inlet pits, junction pits, and kerb inlet pits in Sydney, Illawarra and Blue Mountains

A stormwater pit, whether made of concrete or plastic, is an underground compartment linked to the stormwater drainage network. Primarily, they gather surface water from adjacent driveways, roads, and paved surfaces, facilitating future maintenance access to the stormwater system. These pits play a crucial role in mitigating any potential localised flooding. Stormwater drainage systems must also be robust to avert any health hazards or structural damage to buildings.

A grate refers to a metal or alternative material grid designed to obstruct debris from entering the stormwater drainage system, while simultaneously permitting stormwater flow and ensuring the safe passage of vehicles and/or pedestrians across the pit opening.

All Line Plumbing provide simple and complex stormwater pit services at competitive and affordable prices.

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Types of Stormwater Pits

Stormwater pits, essential components of stormwater drainage systems, come in various types, each serving specific functions to manage surface water effectively. Below are the most common types:

  • In-situ inlet pit
    An in-situ inlet pit is a stormwater pit that is constructed in place utilising concrete, reinforcing steel and formwork. These pits are often required when additional structural strength is needed, and its dimensions can be customised to the suit each individual job.
  • Precast inlet pit
    A precast inlet pit is usually constructed from concrete and comes delivered to site pre-made and ready for installation. The advantage of precast pits is the speed of installation and they can be used in conjunction with precast pit risers to adjust the depth of installation.
  • Junction pit
    A junction pit does not have a surface inlet and usually has a sealed gastight lid instead of grate. It is typically used to allow access to a long pipe at regular intervals, to join two or more pipes or to connect pipes laid at different grades.
  • Kerb inlet pit
    A kerb inlet pit is usually located under or behind a section of kerb and gutter with an opening or grate designed to allow stormwater from the road surface to enter the stormwater drainage system.
  • Field inlet pit
    A field inlet pit is a stormwater inlet located within open ground and are often located along overland flow paths and at depressions within a property where stormwater run-off will likely collect.
Stormwater Services
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