Sydney Water Section 73s - Compliance Certification Process and Approvals

Generally, when you develop or subdivide land, your council/certifier will require the approval from Sydney Water (Section 73 Compliance Certificate).

There are usually four main steps involved in getting a Section 73 Compliance Certificate:

  • Assessment: Assessing development plans against Sydney Water servicing requirements.
  • Notice of Requirements: Instructions detailing water/sewer connections or protection of asset requirements.
  • Construction: Works outlined in the Notice of Assessment to be completed by a Sydney Water listed constructor.
  • Certificate and Approvals: Once all work has been constructed and inspected, certificates and approvals will be issued.

Step 1: Assessment

Usually as part of any new development, a prerequisite of the Section 73 Compliance Certificate process will require your plans to be assessed.

A Service Protection Report - also known as a Sewer Pegout, enables the accurate plotting of Sydney Water assets onto your building plans which will then determine if your development area is within the Zone of Influence (ZOI) and if there would be any potential for damage or stress to these pipes during construction.

What is a Pegout and why do I need one?

Step 2: Notice of Requirements

Once your plan has been submitted to Sydney Water, a Notice of Requirements will be sent from Sydney Water outlying works that will need to be completed. Generally a Sydney Water listed constructor will be required to complete these works.

Any work that is to be carried out on or near Sydney Water's assets must be done by a Sydney Water listed provider like us!

Step 3: Construction

All work outlined in the notice will need to be done before you are issued a Section 73 Compliance Certificate from Sydney Water.

All Line Plumbing are Sydney Water Listed Constructors and will build and supervise any works outlined in the Notice of Requirements set by Sydney Water.

Common works that might need to be completed include:

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Step 4: Certificate and Approvals

A Section 73 Compliance Certificate confirms you've satisfied the Sydney Water requirements to adequately service your development area with water, wastewater and stormwater services.

Read more about Section 73s and Approvals on the Sydney Water Website:

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