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A Service Protection Report - also known as a Sewer Pegout or Sewer Survey, enables the accurate plotting of Sydney Water assets onto your building plans which will then determine if your development area is within the Zone of Influence (ZOI) and if there would be any potential for damage or stress to these pipes during construction.

The Sewer Pegout Report will generally outline the location and environment of the existing Sydney Water asset and details information such as the pipe type, depth, service of the asset (sewer, water, stormwater), size, structure and strata which the asset is laid (such as clay, sand or rock).

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Only an accredited SYDNEY WATER listed provider like All Line Plumbing can prepare your Sewer Pegout Reports in Gymea. Choosing us will ensure compliance as well as professional, quality and accurate pegout reports.

Below is a list of reasons to trust All Line Plumbing with your next Service Protecion Report:

  1. Professional Technicians and Reports
    We are renowned for providing affordable, accurate, professional, and comprehensive Service Protection Reports.
  2. Specialised Equipment
    Our up-to-date equipment can accurately locate pipes and services which enables us to perform a Sewer Pegout and prepare your Report as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  3. Quick Report Delivery
    We offer our customers prompt delivery of their Sewer Pegout Reports so that they can continue their approval processes through Sydney Water or their local councils.
  4. Five Star Reviews from our happy customers
    Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value are our top voted aspects from our customers.

All Line Plumbing will ensure that your Sewer Pegout in Gymea is done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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All Line Plumbing are Sydney Water Listed Constructors for Pegouts in Gymea

We are confident in providing providing homeowners, builders, developers and councils with our sewer pegout services and are SYDNEY WATER listed providers and constructors for:

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Sydney Water Sewer Pegout
Sewer Pegout Equipment: Locator
Sydney Water Sewer Pegout
Maintenance Hole
A Sewer Pegout in Gymea is usually needed if you are:
  • building a swimming pool.
  • building a deck, gazebo or carport.
  • building a granny flat.
  • excavating your property.
  • installing a driveway or large paved area.
  • developing or building over a water or sewer main.

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Sewer Encasements in Gymea
Encasing a pipe in concrete to provide strength and protection.

If your Sewer Pegout report in Gymea shows that a Sydney Water asset may be impacted or damaged during construction, you will need to adhere to the Sydney Water requirements on how to protect the asset. A maintenance-free concrete encasement is a very common requirement of the Sydney Water Compliance Certificate (such as Section 73s and Building Plan Approvals) in order to proceed with any building or development works.

Find out more about Concrete Sewer Encasements

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